Endless possibilities

As you may guess, I'm greatly intrigued by patterns. I love fabric and design. However I also love the patterns themselves. How some are mirrored or unorthodox. Others might be slightly adrift floating in a sea or blue or grey or ribbon of unknown possibilities. Endless Possibilities. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have been slowly creating more ways of making patterns, whether it by force in photoshop or of late by hand on paper. It's extraordinary how easy it comes and hard when I find a stroke of a brush undoes it all, or creates something I didn't expect.

This past spring I really started going full throttle into patterns, but also into repetition. how long could I withstand a single gesture, movement or color pallet? How big or how small could I go? Could each design be interpreted into a larger scale, into fabric or clothes? Where would I have to draw the line in a series, or is the line just an imaginary space?

I just started out small, I dubbed all these a series in Seeds and Stones.

This was the first. It started with red, which lured me in with penetrating glare. I tried to diffuse the situation with gold tones and swathes of brush strokes.

This was the first, a series of gold brush strokes, as if to say, don't care but I do.

I starting going into full Seed action. Playing with transparent and metallic tones.

This green and red one was achieved by using stickers to change the space. I then peeled them off when. The one above was based upon a nest, Stones or eggs, it's your call.

below, the seeds resembled prickly thorns, hiding juicy berries.

Seeds or leaves.

As you can see I played with scale.

And repetition.

The journey still continues on, as I type there are still yet endless possibilities. And not just for the patterns I've already made, for the patterns inside the patterns. for every swatch, stroke, mix. Every phase of each new detail.

#patternsartpainting #art #painting #fabric #metallic #watercolor

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