Weaving a story

As an individual, working and trying to make ends meet. I sometimes find it difficult to focus my attention on a project. Wether it be for work or recreation, the sole purpose of a project is to open the landscape of my imagination to new heights. One painting could lead to the next and so and so forth. What really gets me is the initial idea. How Can I get from point "A" to point "B."

Many artists that I know often tell me, "when your working in the corporate world, its hard to find the time to really practice your craft." This is undoubtable true. If I go for a long spell without creating anything of significance, I find I loose a lot of the mojo I had before. that initial spark that gets the juices flowing. I can start it up again like an old car, but it tends to break down easily.

Sometimes it takes outside influence, a fresh start, a new battery.

A teacher in my daycare came to me knowing I have an art background. She asked if I had any ideas for a project she'd been put in charge of, for an art piece for some spring concert series. I initially had the idea of letting the children each paint and picture and then I and the teachers would cut the pictures out and make a collage, or the children could do that too. however, it hit me that this collage would be far larger then expected, even if 60 or so children each painted a regular sized sheet of paper. I wanted to create some sort of quilt that would feel like each individual in the school gave something to finish it, a thread, a button, the choice of fabric. And then I had it, Yes painting would still be involved, and they would get to learn some cool crafty tricks in the process. And yes, it would still be a collage in some sense and yes it would still have some sort or sewing aspect. I'd Weave the paper!

I had done paper weaving before once or twice, but about 17 years ago in grade school. I remember I wasn't too good, the paper, kept falling out and mine never turned out as well as all the other ones. However, with a little help from Pinterest this time around it was much easier.

I showed the kids how t to do certain cool tricks with white crayon and paint, layering and dripping. Spray bottles and color mixing. Gave the teachers some source material and when I got all the work back, I just had at it. I decided I'd do the brunt of the work, the actually weaving, it would of been too time consuming to have the kids help me weave, as the project had a ten day time limit.

Half of the students got paper that was about 11" by 15" and half got 15" by about 25"

applying my handy ruler, to make all spaces equal.

Cutting, there was so much cutting.

Cutting strips for the weaving as well as figuring out layouts, color combos. Using different classes with others.

In the end I added some glue and gold flakes for an added bonus.

I can know say I love paper weaving, even if the initial idea seamed too difficult. Sometimes you have to push through that fear, of feeling like you can't do something, and just watch a few tutorials till you get it right. The best part about the whole process, was that the children could see their work all interwoven together, they couldn't remember which picture was theirs, because they were all mixed together the way it sometimes feels like at a busy daycare.

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