Why do we choose color? What appeals to our nature? Do we pick colors we can hide behind, mask or enhance?

Does color demand attention, can it quiet a room, dull the occupants into submission? Can it be loud, obnoxious or intrusive?

How do colors work together? What are their strengths or weaknesses? 

Colors are interwoven in our language, in our daily lives. They are interspersed in the world, and most of time you hardly notice them. Why, because they hidden under layers, inside coats and catalogues, between the roadways and our own vision crosses them out. These paintings highlight color in a new light, through the nature of patterns. Patterns are like a vehicle that takes you from place to place. They carry color effortlessly. You can focus in the realm of a pattern and not notice what it encompasses. Or you can train your eye to notice slight differences in shades. Patterns are often overlooked outside of fabric and design. They are so uniform, you know where things end and begin. These patterns are not all alike, they flow with the space around them and the colors they co-exist with.