Layers is a series based solely on the premise of a mistake. A recycling choice, all these works were fished out of the "This isn't working right now, " pile. Reworked, they start to take on new shape and hide the mistake which made them lack in the first place. Layers also known as Oops paintings take on multiple techniques used in some earlier works from both Seeds and stones and Patterns. Our eyes seek out unity in layers, however in the end we find find what we weren't searching for to begin with. 

Chaotic Rhododendron 24" x 17" Gouache and watercolor

Potpouri 24"x17" Gouache and acrylic

Spill eye 24"x17" Gouache, watercolor and acrylic

80 Confetti "24x17" Gouache and watercolor

Fusion 8"x11" Gouache

Cactus in winter 8"x11" Gouache